You continued strength will take you to the top of the world

Your patients inspire me every day!

Your Strength and Courage inspire the world

You have great strength and are so loved!!!

God will be your comfort and give you strength.

You are a true SUPERHERO! Keep inspiring and God Bless you!

Youre angels on earth.My son, Shane is my life, youre heroes

You are an inspiration to all! God Bless You always! xoxo

Blessings to you all

90 years ago you gave Ester Whitman feet so she could walk!

I am so proud of all of you. Really love Alec. Cheers me up.

We have been blessed to be different...Embrace that❤

You are unique and that's the BEST thing about you <3

You are inspiring!

God's blessing to you all

You are an inspiration to all! God bless!

God will take care of your needs. Have faith!

Prayers for faith, hope, love, and healing to you all!

Love to all and GODS speed

God's Speed for Your Recovery

You are guiding lights to us all. Shine on beautiful ones.

Proud of each of you, keep the Faith always, Be Blessed!

Wow, the children, Wow. Proud to be a part of this. Keep on!

We're with you every step of the way, God bless all of you!!

You can do this! You can do anything!

Thank you for teaching us all what success truly is.

You represent courage, tenacity and hope!

I am proud to say you represent me as an American.

You all show that nothing is impossible! God bless.

God is healing you one day at a time.Keep positive .

God is healing you one day at a time.Keep positive .

God is healing you one day at a time.Keep positive .

So happy for all of you! God bless you and sending love


Hugs Forever With Love

All of you are an awesome inspiration.

Your unwillingness to accept defeat makes you stronger

What an inspiration you all are to me! Love and prayers!

Gold Bless all of you. Stay strong and believe in God

DREAM Big! Everytjing is possible!

El Jebel Dune buggy Patrol Denver Colorado For the children

Remember, there is nothing you can't accomplish! Just try.

Little Children, Pure innocents, Sacred hearts, Love and Joy

Jesus Christ loves all of you and I love all of you!

You have success, goodness, and treasure within you!

Remember that all of you are beautiful and great!

All of you are phenomenal, amazing, and awesome in every way

All of you are phenomenal, amazing, and awesome in every way

All of you are a true inspiration to the world! Stay strong!

God do not give us more than we can endure trust him!

As long as you believe, you can never lose- stay strong.

You are all amazing - stay strong!

I am so happy for you and so proud of you! You beat the odds

You inspire me!

With God in your heart any thing is possible

You'r a blessing to all of us, stay strong we love you!


You are an Inspiration for everyone. Thank you

God bless each and everyone of you. Stay strong and believe.

May God heal you all completely. Prayers

You are an inspiration to all of us. Love you!

may each day bring you joy and sooth your spirit

Watch for Angels, they are everywhere!

May God and the Shriners always be at your side, we love you

GOD bless each and everyone of you. Stay strong and believe

GOD bless each and everyone of you. Stay strong and believe

You are.such an inspiration! Keep on keeping on! BLESSINGS!

RUN, SO AS TO WIN. 1 COR. 9:24

Remember that you are loved by everyone !

Watch for Angels, they are everywhere!

May God keep blessing all of you

You are all such an inspiration! God Bless you all!

You are a Hero for your never give up, never give in spirit!

You are good example for all of us! Godspeed!

keep your chin up.reach for the your best.

Jesus loves you!

May God bless each and every one of you!! You are amazing!!

May you know that you are loved and cared for, now & always!

The Drs and Nurses are the Heroes! Thank you Boston.

Stay strong & positive & God bless you all!!

When praises go up, Blessings come down. Gods Angels.

Anything is possible with God's Love

When praises go up, Blessings come down. Gods Angels.

No matter the obstacles you can always Win with God's love.

When Praising goes up Blessing come down. Gods Angels.

You can do all things through Christ. God bless each of you

We are proud to you. Feel God's presence all around you.

Thank you for showing how life affirming the Shriners are!

Thank you for your incredible determination and hope.


You are shining beacons of light.

May you feel God's love surround you always. He loves you!!

gold winners every challenge achieved!

Have fun @the games knowing you are already heroes.

Keep fighting! Your strength and resolve are amazing.

You guys are incredible , Thank you God for bringing them ha

You are stronger than you know!

God has his plan for you

You are every day miracles-God bless you!

You're awesome, Keeping going and enjoy the blessings

"You haven't failed until you quit trying."

You are a daily part of my life, through the Facebook posts

God bless you and stay positive!

You continue to inspire us. Thank you.

Thank you! You are truly inspirational!

Your character & strength are shining examples to all.

thank you for the inspiration you provide so many

God bless you all and know that we all love and support you!

You can do all things thru Christ who strengthens you. JGL

You are such a beautiful inspiration!!

I've been where you are! Have faith and God will be with you

Your achievements are awe-inspiring!

You are an inspiration to us all!

There is nothing you can't do! Keep on keeping on! Hugs!

I know how hard you work. Keep going!!! Much love

We are so proud of your acheivment.

Congratulations athletes! We are so proud of you!!!!

You are all amazing. The fight in you inspires me! God Bless

Your strength gives me strength. May God bless you always!

You all can do whatever you set your minds too, I did!

Keep up the good work, your progress will be rewarded.

May God continue to richly bless you.

Your smiles light up the world!

May your days be filled with love and God's Blessings.

All of you are such inspirations!!

Keep on moving forward. You are heroes. God be with you!

You inspire me, and so many other people. You are so strong.

You guy's are all "my hero's."

You Guys Are Awesome. You Keep Me Inspired.

God bless you all! You all are an encouragement to everyone!

You guy's are all "my hero's."

Take pride in how far you have come.

Thank you for sharing your stories with others. God Bless.

All things are possible with God.


Congratulations to all the athletes! Keep moving forward!

I very proud of you!!


Congratulations ! So very proud of you.Keep up the good work


You are in good hands!

Animo ustedes son ejemplo de fortaleza!

Keep GOD close at all times

Things may be tough right now, but you all are much tougher

Don't give up you have God with you!!!

May God bless you all as you share your gifts with all of us

Wishing strength, courage, and peace to each of you!

May God always bless you. We are so proud of you.

With God in your heart, all things a possible.

I am proud to say you represent me as an American.

Your courage and your drive encourages me and glorifies God!

God gives you strength and will to heal and do great thiings

Felicidades! Sus grandes logros nos animan a seguir !

God gives you strength and will to heal and do great thiings

What courage, what strength, what an inspiration. God bless.

So proud of all of you!

Do your best and, above all else, remember to have fun!

Your courage is inspiring. Your attitude is motivating.

You are all AMAZING! You make this world a better place!

Always treat your challenges with a positive re-action

You "can do all things through Christ". Phil. 4:13 *Luanne


You "can do all things through Christ". Phil. 4:13

Don't give up don't ever give up

Keep a positive attitude and our efforts will be successful


You are an inspiration to all. Keep it up for all

All of you have the most positive attitude. Love is the key

Be who you are and shine bright. Never quit. You are amazing

Be the best you can be. Never let anything hold you down!

Always Shine Bright !!

Your smile beyond the pain gives us strength.

Be who you are and shine bright. Never quit. You are amazing

Dream Big!!! Don't anything or anyone get in your way!

All of you kids are more courageous than anyone.

You inspire so many of us to try and be more like you!

You are all so inspiring!

Am greatly privileged to support your amazing dreams.

I thank GOD for His healing hands upon Shriner. Love u all

Wishing you all love and thanks for representing the USA!

Be the BEST version of YOU!! You inspire us!! God Bless

Your courage and determination make the world a better place

Everyone at Shriners is a role model for the rest of us.

Thanks for your amazing example of Love! May God Bless more

May the Lord bless you forever for your faith in Him !

Be strong and know you are loved and cherished.


Congrats on your accomplishments.

Your strength and smiles give me hope. God Bless!!

You are the definition of inspiration!

You all inspire us.

We stand tall because of you!! Richard and Jennifer

Never loose hope, through GOD everything is possible.

All things are possible through GOD.


Experience all you can, go far.Life is not meant to be still

You inspire me!!

Shriners staff are proud of each child and family.

Shriners staff are proud of each child and family.

Thank you for all you do. God Bless!!

God will continue to bless and protect you all.

Keep up the good work.. may God bless you for your work!!

God bless and continue to share the love!

Love and Prayers! Keep up the wonderful work

As long as you can dream , nothing is impossible!


Praying for JESUS to continue to heal all the children!

Thank you for all you do! Love, The Johns

These couragous young people are truly an inspiration to all

You are the bravest!

You guys are an inspiration. Every day. Continued success!

GOD Has A Plan For You! I'm Humbled By Your Courage!

Love all you guys!. All things possible if you believe they

All things are possible through GOD.

Humbled by your ability to overcome challenge! Blessings

Go team! Congratulations to all of the athletes.

May the strength of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with

I love all of you guys and may God bless.

Dad was Shrine clown; making kids laugh/smile lit his life!!

So impressed with what you do everyday. Keep moving forward.

Sending love and total admiration to all the brave warriors!

My surgery in 1956 changed my life...thank you Portland!

May you feel the healing power of GOD flowing thru you!

I so love and respect you...thank you for being you! Shine!

We love you Shriners! Thanks for loving and caring..

Thank you for helping my son walk 41 years ago. God bless.

May God continue to bless the Shriners!

Thanks to everyone who show love, care, and support. 😇🙏�

God bless you, keep healing and saving lives. True Angels!!!

God bless you, keep healing and saving lives. True Angels!!!

God bless you, keep healing and saving lives. True Angels!!!

Love and strength for you always

Thank you guys you are the best!!!

Thank you! For being Angels here on earth. Bless you all!

Congrats to the patients who competed in Rio!

thank you dr. stevens you were the best...

God is love! you guys stay strong!

Thanks for everything shriners hospital Cincinnati.

Enjoy your retirement and thanx for helping children.

Thank You for helping my son and all you do for the children

Thank You Dr.Hammerberg & Shriners Chicago! DMS & AMS.

Thank you Chicago, for giving my daughter hope!

Proud to be a Shriner! May God bless our patients!

May God bless you all. Thank you for helping all families.

Thaks a lot! Nobody says it was easy!

Thank you Dr. Pahys & Shriners Philly!!!

Thanks Dr. Kozen & Philly Shriners for helping our Grandson

Dr Dobbs and St Louis Shriners are my heroes. Thank you <3

Thank you Chicago hospital for giving me 25 pain free years.

Thank You, Dr Reinhart!!! Enjoy your retirement.

So very thankful for what all the Shriners has done for me!

Thank you Dr. Smith for helping my son Ben! ❤️

Thank you Dr.Drvarik in Springfield, ma. Colleen says thanks

Thank you Dr.Smith in Chicago for helping me! 💜

Dr. Lerman in Northern California is the best!

Thank You Dr Iwinski & Lexington Ky.Shriners Hospital♡Katie

Thank you to the great Doctors in Boston and Springfield MA

THE BEST!! Chicago Crainiofacial Team!! Bless you ALL!!!

Without Shriners & God I wouldn't be walking today THANK U!!

Bless Dr. Miller and Dr. Smith for helping me and Bobby.

Montreal you have blessed our family beyond measure Love you

LA staff thank you for embracing me with love Dr. Alan thks!

Dr. Aiona thanks for helping me when I was a patient there.

Thank you Dr Aiona for all you did forJulianne & Caitlynn.

Dr. changed Andrew's life...thank you!

Thanks, Dr. Smith. Tim really blossomed after your work!

Thank you Dr. Westberry for all you have done for Jacob.

Thank you Dr Dobbs for helping my son walk

Thank you for everything! Your organization is amazing!

Thank you for amazing care and wonderful memories

Shriners child & mother of Shriners child. God Bless Shriner

Dr. Hugh Vu Thank you for helping Alex Mize. We love Sac.

Thanks Dr. Lerman, you are the best Dr. in the world! Sac

Thanks for caring for my buddy Sejin.

Bless you Dr. Smith and all the Shriners.

Thank you Shriners hospital Los Angeles, way back in 1980!

Thank you Shriners and Dr Smith for everything!

Once a Shriners Kid Always One-Shriners Oak Park IL 1979-84

Thank you for your love, dedication and support! YOU ROCK!

Thank you to Dr. Ghali and his wonderful team. Shreveport,La

Thank you Shriners in Shreveport La for helping all children

Thank you Dr. Pellet & the staff at the Honolulu HI Shriners

Thank you very much to the hospital in Dallas, TX in 1947.

We love Shriner's Hospital Galveston Texas!! #shrinerlife

Thank you to Dr. Altiok at Shriners Hospital in Chicago💜

Thank you to the doctors at Shreveport, LA Shriner's

Thanks to Shriners hospital in greenville SC. i have sb

Thanks to Shriners hospital in greenville SC. i have sb

Thank you to ALL the doctors at all the Shriner's Hospitals

Thank you Philly Shriners for your amazing work!

Thank you Philly Team for reforming my daughter's limbs!

Montreal you have blessed our family beyond measure Love you

Love the Shriner's Hospitals for Children!

Thank you for helping my daughter! Love to all there!

Thank you , thank you for all you do for children!

Thank you Shriners for all you do for the kids in need

Thank you Shriners for all you've done♡ forever thankful

Thank you Shriners for helping me walk for my first 21 years

Thank you for helping my daughter walk you are a blessing!

Thanks for fixing my feet or I couldn't walk today!

Thanks for fixing my feet or I couldn't walk today!

Thank you Dr.Smith for fixing me in 1994. I owe you big time

Thanks to all doctors for fixing me back in 1954!!!

Forever grateful for fixing my legs! You are a blessing!

Thank you to Dr. Westberry! Happy National Doctor's Day

Thank you Shriners and all my doctors! I'm using right hand!

Thank you Dr Van Bosse you are truly a blessing! 💜�

Thank You Shriners St. Louis for helping Dan 49 years ago.

Thanks you all Dr. Masso, Nurse Chris, Nancy and everyone

Thank you Dr. DAVID Herndon at Shriner's Galveston!

THANK YOU Dr. G for all you done at Shiners Hospital, Tampa!

THANK YOU Dr. Gibson at Shriners Hospital, Greenville!

The Scavuzzo family is forever grateful to Dr. Scott Kozin!

The Scavuzzo family is forever grateful to Dr. Scott Kozin!

My nephew had full spinal sx in mass. Hosp. Phenomenal staff

Thank you Shriners for adding ABILITY to my Disability!!!

Nicole's life was changed by the doctors in Phila. PA!

Thank you Dr. Woiczik in SLC for helping our daughter Mary!

Dr. Mosley fixed my daughter Amber hip dysplasia amazing man

I used to work at the Chicago Unit. Love to you all!!

Thank you Dr Van Bosse you are truly a blessing! 💜�

Thank you Dr. Smith! I am a NICU RN because of you!

Dr. Dr. Drvaric and orthotics department Rock!!!

Dr. Drvaric in Springfield, we love you!

Dr. Rob Sheridan in Boston is amazing in every way!

Thank you Al Koran Shriners - your travel support is awesome

Thank you Dr Dobbs and the staff in St Louis - We love you!

Thank you, Dr. Krajbich in Portland, for your heart of gold!

Thanks & God bless to 😇Dr. Gates and Shriners Shreveport

God bless the doctors that care for Shriners patients 💚

Thank you for my life!

Thanks for your great work with the children

Thank you for all that you do!

God bless you ALL!

Thinking of you all!

thank you,

#beastmode #superherostatus #godsblessing #godworksmiracles

We all get advice only the wise ones profit from it

God Bless all of you for what you do to help these children.

Shiners will assure you will always be looked after.

You are very special and unique. Trust God and believe!

May god bless all his little children!

God Loves Each of You All The Time and so do we.

Board of Governors@Shriners of Cincinnati Love helping Kids

Lakeland Order of the Eastern Star Loves YOU!!

As a patient of Shriners, I applaud you for your strength!

Ty & Colt Newsome loves their Shriner Family! Thanku!

DYLAN TREVINO you are loved so much. Be strong. ♡♡♡♡

Praying for your healing!

So glad to be able to Help Kids be Amazing Kids!

Thank you Cincinnati Shriners for saving my son José Omar!😘

Be strong god is with you and I pray for you

Thank you Shriners Twin City's MN ,you make miracles happen.

To thine own self be true

We are praying for you. Stay strong! Be brave!


Shriners helps so many children.

Cincinnati Shriners Thank You for saving our Krystal


We are grateful for you Shriners

Thk U God for this situation. Perfect for me. It benefits me

Hey! What's your favorite planet?!

Get well soon

In memory of Harriett smith, MAY GOD's LOVE HOLD YOU FOREVER


Your life has many challenges. Say your prayers and listen.

Love is all you need.

You are the joy and happiness to many!

Always look to God! He is walking with you the entire time!

No matter how bad things get, you keep fighting!

You are the light of the world. Matthew 5:14

Keep Going! Jesus Christ loves you and He is protecting you!

Keep Going! Jesus Christ loves you and He is protecting you!

Dios te ama

You are loved and cared for. You are my heroes.

Love beats all :)


Think happy positive thoughts to you all!!! :)

Thanks to all you angels!!! :)

Know you are not alone & you are loved!!!

I wish you all the best & that you get better fast?!!!

Thank you God for all the miracles performed at SHC everyday

God Bless the children and God Bless our Shriners!!

Jesus loves you all very much

I now walk, and have a Fez & clown outfit for Shriners

You are so special to us, that's why we make such a fuss.

Thank you for all you do to help others. God Bless.

God bless you all! You are all God's miracles.

Appreciation to all the caregivers, patients & families!

Blue from Blue's Cleft Journey sending lots of love.

I pray for you every day!!

God bless you


We want you well....

Keep thinking good thoughts! We love you


"By HIS stripes you are healed" Love you all.


Love being a Shriner!

No Shriner stood taller than when he helps children in need.


God bless for the work you all do

Thanks Shriners.You gave me hope and ability to do what I do

Monthly donor to the Shriners and appreciate your service

I never knew strength until I walked into Shriners.God Bless

With God and Shriners by your side how can you lose

The Best Way to Predict The Future is To Invent It!

I love you all. God Bless each of you.

god bless you all

May our loving God bless your life richly!

You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

We are a loving family of Shriners. God bless all of you.

May The Love God Be With You With Great Healing Love

Da Kind Signing Puppets say… Go Out & Play!

Healing Hugs to all the Children

God is with you always!

Love our kids. May God bless you, always.

God bless you all and thank you for helping our son Albert !

Akbar Shrineers, thank you! Alexis H. & her family

God Bless all of you.

May God bless you with healing and guide your care team.

LuLu Shriners Philadelphia, PA.

Shriners KIDS are the best; loving, giving!

May God bless the Shriners Hospitals for our Childern

Thank-you, Shriners St. Louis. Loving hands work miracles.

In honor of Ashley, our BPI Warrior. Thank you Shriners!

hang tough and be strong!

You are never alone

We pray in Jesus name for healing for the children AMEN

We are proud of you!

I was once in your place. Keep working hard to get better!

Get Better Soon xx

Shriner Kids & Staff: You are the BEST!!!

Bless the children for they are our future.Shriners is love

May God's blessings surround you.

You are loved deeply

Keep The Faith!


Love and healing for you!

Peace & Love always!

Keep your head up and keep on smiling! You're in great hands

God's Grace and healing is with you at all times!

Angels are watching over you! One is named Eleanor.

Get well soon.

Teti Sheri Temple No 60 Daughters of the Nile Helping Kids

Infinite love!!!

Stay strong and keep on smiling :)

Anything I can do for you? However poor, consider it done!

You are loved

Always know that you are never alone and that you are loved.

Love you brothers keep up the good work. God bless

Love & Prayers for all the kids and staff at Shriners Hosp

Thank you for ALL that you do for so many who need your help

You are loved!

Love to the rescue!

These hospitals do amazing work!

We love the staff at Shriners hospital.

We love Shriners

Thank you for all you do

Love to the rescue!!!!

Thank you, Shriners! From, a former Shriners kid :)

Stay strong, God and the angles are with you.

Thank you Shriners Hospitals in San Fransico And Sacramento

Love you Northern California hospital!

Si alguien puede eres tu!!!Creemos en ti.Sigue Adelentante!

I believe that no healing takes place apart from God.

You are strong and you are loved!

Take life ONE DAY AT A TIME and you'll be amazed.


A Loving Hug for Shriner's Kids, & all those who help them!


Children and Families of Tampa Shriners: We are here for you

Thanks for helping so many children.

May God give you strength, healing and courage

Sending love to Shriner's Kid's all the time! <3

What you do is greatly appreciated!

Donation in the name of Jameson Skinner on his 5th birthday.

In loving memory of my father. He was a Shriner for years.

Thank you Shriners for my grandson's smile!

I pray each and everyday for everyone of you

You are in our prayers and thoughts. Stay strong!

You are the future of our country.

You are a very special child and God loves you!!!

We all love you and hold you dear in all our prayers.

You all are loved!

Love to all and prayers for all. Please know we care.


You are stronger than you know! I'm praying for you all!

Be Strong, Praying for speedy recovery

In memory of my dad. A devoted Shriner, loved helping kids.

Thank you Shriners Hospital Springfield for 90 Years of TLC

God is always at your side. He loves you very much.

Praying for you! God loves you!

Be strong, we all love you !


Know that people are pulling for you!

God bless the shriners

accept GOD's love

God is with you at all times

The love of God the peace of God comfort you and heal you.


Elf Khurafeh MiniCars are proud to support the hospitals

I'm burn surgeon it is of my pleasure to be in your team.

I'm burn surgeon it is of my pleasure to be in your team.

Get well soon!

I love the people that are helping me and other families

We love Shriners of Shreveport

40 years later, still blessed by Shriners St. Louis! Thanks!

Al Sihah Macon, GA & Noble W, David NeSmith Love Our Kids

I love you! Get well soon!

Unbreakable spirits

Hugs and Kisses xoxoxo

God Bless - Love and Hugs

Thank you Shriners Cincinnati!

I love to see you smile. Stay strong.

Grow up strong. Help others along the way.

Thank you Shriners South Carolina. <3

God Bless each and every Shriner!

Hugs love and peace to all who walk through the doors

Blessings to Shriner's Hospital, Los Angeles!



Love to the rescue. Couldn't agree more.

Thank you Shirners from Philadelphia for giving hope & love

Thank you Shirners from Philadelphia for giving hope & love

praying for your speedy recovery, with all my love

Remember you are loved. Rely on God for strength.

Shriners Chicago is awesome. Thank you! Emily S.

The Shriners Hospital In Florida do Great Things !! ;-)

Sending healing thoughts to you.


I'm praying for all of you stay strong I love all of you

Love to our children from Springfield

Love to our children from Springfield

Spokane Shriners Hospital Rocks!

With all my love to all the children From the Bedoiun Club

Your dreams can come true!!! Shriner's helped me in 1960.

God Bless your courage. I am praying for you.

Thank you Shriners Hospital Mexico City!

Wishing love, sunshine and happiness to all children

You are amazing!

Thank you Shriners ♡ Extra love to Mt Sinai, Bektash & Melha

Todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece.

Todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece.

Love from BERMUDA Mecca Bermuda Shrine Club

We love and care about you. You are family

Love hugs and peace to all

God loves you, and everything is going to be alright.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Please continue to give children what they want, and thanks

Thank you, Shriners Hospital staff, for all the work you do!

Thank you doctors, nurses & others in Erie, PA. R. Palombo

Thank you Galveston, for all the love and care you give!

Love and kisses to all the children

Lots of loves, Ash, Neelam and Bhavika Chugani

Get Well! Cyprus Shriners Albany, NY

Greetings from the Al Azhar Shriners, Calgary, Alberts

Love from an Al Chymia Hillbilly Darlin' for all you do. <3

KIDS are our reason...

With love from Grandma Shirley

You are not alone.

Be strong you are wrapped in love.

Be strong - you are wrapped in love.

Love and hugs to all!

Getting help is only half the puzzle, Giving it is the other

Always know that you are loved

Be strong lots of love coming your way

Wrap yourself with Shriner's time, love & tender care & heal

Love and Light to you all.

The smile of a child makes it all worth while.

Don't understand? God does and he walks with you each day.

Thank you for all you do to help others.

Be strong. Lots of Love coming your way.

Thank you for all your love and support for children in need

Stay strong, God is on your side, we are praying for you.

My prayers go out to all of you'

Peace to you always




Hugs & kisses

Thank you Shriners in Spokane, Washington for everything!

Thank you Shriners Hosp. for the care you give me.

Much love!

In our hearts and prayers.

Be strong and courageous . God loves you and is with you.

May the Staff at Greenville Shiners shine on.

Thank you Shriners from St. Albans, Vermont!!

Keep Strength and Hope. God has a wonderful plan for you.

Shriners will always and forever be a part of my family!

Spokane Shriners are the best!

May your blessings come upon you, each in accordance.

God bless every child and the Shriners for their loving care

I love you all you help many kids and there family

You are so special! Better days are coming!

God bless each of you. Dwell in Him.

Thank you Shriners....May God bless all

Always stay strong!

#HealTheChildrenHealTheWorld Showbiz Shriners

Thank you Shriners in Galveston for all that you did for me❤️❤️

My children:Jesucristo endured a great suffering and still s

Thanks for saving my life Shriners Cincinnati. Sara

Shriners is AWESOME! Thank You so, so much. Kaylee Maryland

Smiles, hugs and love to everyone! You guys rock!

Prayers and hugs sent. God Bless you all.

Thanks so much for taking care of my granddaughter, Sierra!!

Thank you Al Chymia Shriners & the staff of Cincinnati!

Dios siempre esta con nosotros! Gloria a Dios por siempre!


Thank-you for all you did for me.

Thank-you for all you did for me.


Stay Strong for you are blessed. Thank you Shriners!!!

May Gods blessings be with you always

Remember God is right there with you--all the time.

Keep your faith Shriners Kids. Love from Texas

Sending Love from Hella Shriners in Harland, Texas

Best wishes from the Nashville Shriners!

Love,laughter, hugs and kisses=strength

Thanks, Boston for help with my nephew's burns.

Stay Strong and Believe in yourself and The Lord !!!!

thank you shriners,pa

God's Healing Hands be with you always. With love!

Our Love to all Children of the World and Shriners Hospital

God is good, all the time! Nothing is impossible for him

Tebala Shriners wish you health and happyness

Shriners helped me walk! Stay strong & believe! 💙

Together we can do this!!

Tampa Shriners you answered my families Unanswered Prayers

Thank you, Houston Shriners for all that you all do!

Sending Beacons of Light and Hope from LOSNA Kheta Court #59

All things are possible through God. He is our strength .

Thank you KY Shriners

Pr. Cheryl of DON Khem #85 LOVES OUR SHRINER KIDS!!! xoxo

With Love from Osman Shriners

Thank you to the staff in STL, you all hold a place in my <3

You will always be in our thoughts & prayers! xoxoxoxo

May God always look upon his children who are so precious.

We love all shriners kids!


Cleft Palate gone, thank you Shriners Hospital Mexia, Texas

Jesus loves the little children.

May you be molded by God's hands!

May God always hold you in the palm of his hand.

May God always hold you in the palm of his hand.

♥ Your scars won't define you; your perseverance will ♥

Shriners pick you up and never let you down.

Love from my heart to yours <3

Our Arms are Wrapped around you with gentle hugs of warmth..

SHC-Chicago Nurses are AWESOME!

SHC-Chicago Nurses are AWESOME!


I was once where you are~Shriners changed my life. Keep Hope

Shriners are, Quality of Life Guards.

God's Blessings on all of you brave, beautiful children.

To ALL the brave children. You are NOT alone. LOVE always.

LAFD loves Shriner's Kids

God loves you, We love you.

Thank you for the care you give our kids!

Pro life extends to life after birth as well.

ALOHA Ambassador sends his LOVE

Love to all the children from Shrine Masons of Omaha

Children are our future. Thank you Shriners!

My love to all the children. God bless you

I Love Shriner's Hospital for Children. Great People!

We love you all.

Arabia Shrine wishes you the best!

God Bless The Children, and God Bless The Shrine.

Thanks for all you do for the kids

God Bless the Shriners and all of their children!

You are beautiful. ❤ I believe in you.

I love this hospital!

Thanks to the Shriners for all the years of love and caring

God bless you for all you do for children in dire need!

Thank you Abou Saad Shriners for your Love to the Rescue! ❤️

Sending my love to all the families at Shriners Hospital

Keep on giving love Nobles!

Thank you Shriners everwhere


Thank you Shriner's Hospital of Lexington! <3

My love to all the staff and patients!

Thank you Shriners!

Keep moving forward!

Believe in yourself!

Amor al rescate

Thank you for sending your love to the rescue.

We love you Shriners!

Thank you, Shriners!

Sending my LOVE to all the Shriners kids!

Thank you Shriners Chicago!

We love Shriners Greenville!


Sending my LOVE to the rescue!

Love to the rescue <3

Sending my LOVE to all the Shriners kids!

Shriners kids are the best!

We love you!

Thanks for all you do!

I <3 Shriners Hospitals for Children!

Stay strong!