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Scott Jerome, MPT, CPSI

Scott Jerome, MPT, CPSI

Scott Jerome, MPT, CPSI, started his physical therapy career at Shriners Hospitals for Children - Salt Lake City in 2000 providing outpatient therapy. From there he had the opportunity to move to the Utah Department of Health, Children with Special Health Care Needs, where for eight years he provided evaluations, referrals to appropriate pediatric services and neonatal services in rural communities. He received his master's degree in physical therapy from the University of Utah and completed his Utah Regional Leadership Education in neurodevelopmental disabilities from Utah State University. He had the opportunity to return to the Salt Lake City Shriners Hospital in 2016 to help with the growth of the wheelchair, seating and mobility team with great enthusiasm.

Scott appreciates the importance of assisting a child with limited mobility. He understands that a child's mobility needs must be achieved in order for them to experience and benefit developmental progress such as exploring, manipulating their surrounding world and defeating the effects of learned helplessness and/or the loss of interest of mobility. El programa de sillas de rueda y movilidad le permite a Scott ser una pieza fundamental a la hora de enseñar y ayudar a las familias con el desarrollo del niño. Se emociona al observar la reacción de la familia cuando su hijo logra mayor movilidad y, en consecuencia, independencia y desarrollo. This enthusiasm has moved him along with the wheelchair, seating and mobility department in beginning to research the benefits of early mobility through small power wheelchair mobility devices both new and established, as well as a means to make them accessible to the communities and families that need them.

Scott also shares an interest for safe transport of all children, especially those with special health care needs. He has had the opportunity to be involved in developing a special needs car seat clinic at Shriners Hospitals for Children - Salt Lake City that originated in 2016. He and a team of health care professionals assist families in finding cost-effective ways to safely transport their children with special health care needs. He is recognized by Safe Kids Worldwide as a Child Passenger Safety Instructor and an Instructor of Special Needs Car Seats. In this role he instructs individuals interested in obtaining their Child Passenger Safety Technician certification, or furthering their education in the realm of more specialized car seats to address children with motor control issues' transportation needs.

Es un placer para Scott poder tratar al niño como un todo y ofrecer a la familia del paciente las herramientas necesarias para satisfacer mejor las necesidades de tratamiento de su hijo. Scott values the opportunity provided by Shriners Hospitals for Children in taking a team approach with the whole hospital at the patient's disposal to assist in meeting the child's goals.

Scott is lucky to be a father to three wonderful boys who keep him and his beautiful wife running in every direction, in the outdoors or from one sport to the other. He would not have it any other way.