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Campaña #NoAlBullying


One-in-four students in the U.S., and one-in-three teens in Canada, report being bullied. Those numbers can be two to three times higher for kids with visible scars or disabilities, according to the National Center for Education.

Studies also show that most bullying is never reported and can lead to depression, anxiety, poor academic performance, and even suicide.

Many Shriners Hospitals for Children patients have visible scars or disabilities, making bullying an unfortunately common problem among the children and teens we see. That is why we have joined the fight to stop bullying with our #CutTheBull campaign.

We have invited patients who have faced bullying to tell their stories in the hopes that they will inspire others to #CutTheBull and #SeeTheAbility. Join us and #CutTheBull too!

Defensores en nuestras comunidades


Many Shriners Hospitals patients across North America are sharing their bullying stories. Some are talking about their experiences with students, teachers and parents in their communities through Shriners Hospitals for Children's #CutTheBull school assembly program - currently offered in Canada and in the state of Texas.

Learn more about our #CutTheBull ambassadors and this ground-breaking program that can provide your school insight into how it feels to be bullied - from someone who has been through it. We also offer advice based on latest research, as to how to deal with bullying and how to overcome it, whether it involves people with disabilities or not. 



Kit de herramientas: diseñado para empoderar a los niños y gente que los apoya para convertirse en embajadores antiacoso escolar. Les enseña cómo iniciar la conversación sobre el acoso escolar. 

Tarjeta de consejos: creada para enseñar consejos contra el acoso escolar: Respeta. Ayuda. Responde. 

Artículo: escrito por expertos de los Hospitales Shriners para Niños, con información sobre el acoso escolar de niños con discapacidades y qué puede hacer cada uno para ponerle fin.

¿Cómo puedes decir #NoAlBullying?


Respeta: miremos más allá de nuestras diferencias y superemos nuestros miedos; #VeSuCapacidad en todos.

Reach Out: Talk to, include and get to know someone who is being treated differently.

Responde: si ves que critican o se burlan de alguien, no participes. Instead, show support for the person.

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