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Médico camina 50 millas en apoyo a la investigación ósea

Peter Smith, M.D. pasó la última semana de abril caminando, muchísimo. Dr. Smith and other physicians from around the country logged 50 miles walking in Maryland and Virginia from April 26-28 to raise awareness of osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), a rare brittle bone disorder. "Medics on the March" participants walked the C&O Canal Trail from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, into Bethesda, Maryland. After each day's portion of the walk, the group camped along the canal.

The March was sponsored by the OI Foundation. Dr. Smith serves on the group’s national medical advisory board and is also the medical director of the osteogenesis imperfecta program at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Chicago. He also co-edited a 2015 textbook on the disorder, Transitional Care in Osteogenesis Imperfecta: Advances in Biology, Technology, and Clinical Practice (Shriners Hospitals for Children — Chicago, Publishers).

“I have been involved with this community of remarkable people for over twenty years, and can vouch for the vitality and great usefulness of this organization in advancing the quality of life for individuals with OI,” said Dr. Smith.

You may not know it, but the OI Foundation (OIF) itself was started by families who received care from physicians at the Chicago Shriners Hospital. "Dr. Millar helped start the OIF, and it has been active and growing for fifty years."

We’re proud of our hospital’s commitment to help children with this condition, and for Dr. Smith’s work to advance the best practices in care for OI.

Medics on the March campground